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    20 Internet Purchases That Have Nothing to do with the Photo

    When you shop on the Internet, you sometimes have to expect surprises. For example, if you order a jacket or a dress, what you receive may not look like the picture at all. It’s the same for toys or stuffed animals. The worst is to order a red evening dress and receive it pink! Fortunately, […] More

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    15 Really Strange Inventions but that Really Exist

    Some inventions are completely crazy but you really had to think about it. A scarf designed for the stars to avoid the paparazzi taking a picture, a tshirt whose message appears on it when you sweat. All these ideas are really great. I really like the dog to take a selfie with his smartphone and […] More

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    14 Designers who Totally Failed

    Sometimes we wonder what can happen in the minds of some designers. They can create incredible things like horrible things. Super badly placed patterns, objects with dubious shapes, odd clothes. These 14 designers have really missed their job. More

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    22 Photos that Show that the World is going Crazy

    The world is completely crazy and these pictures prove it to us again! When you lick a c or you think you have a human candle can not do anything. I think you will still love these 22 pictures that will make you laugh. Tell me which one you prefer 😉 More

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    20 women who have experienced incredible physical transformation

    In Russia, there is a program called Perezagruzka, which in english means Restart. The goal of this TV show is to bring together several women on the set who do not take care of them or who have lost confidence in them and make them look again. You will see it’s just amazing! Now you […] More

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    27 awesome photos of brides before and after their makeup

    One of the key moments of each wedding is the beauty of the bride. Her hair, dress, and make-up are the subject of passionate discussion as are the quality of food and music. Most women are very concerned about their appearance on this crucial day and we must admit that all this hard work is […] More

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    This young girl sings Elvis perfectly

    This 11-year-old Angelica Jordan video from Osla has been around the world. This girl has taken over an Elvis Presley song “Now or Never”. Angelica sings to perfection because Elvis’s songs are known to be very hard to sing. What do you think of her performance? More

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    A Tesla driver sleeps behind his wheel on the highway

    The driver of a Tesla car was filmed while driving at over 120 km / h. The car, a Model S, has Autopilot features that allow it to change lanes, adjust its speed to traffic, but requires active monitoring from the driver because the vehicle is not yet autonomous. It’s still pretty scary but keenly […] More

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    A tragedy avoided in Beijing before this impressive landslide

    For several days, torrential rains have fallen on Beijing. This video shows the landslides and huge landslides of lands that collapse on the road. Those present, who were able to capture this moment, try to film the scene while keeping a safe distance. Fortunately, no one was hurt. More

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