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    All these animals will beautify your day

    You know that on BuzzTemple we love animals and especially those that make us laugh. Here are 16 dogs and cats that will put you in a good mood because of their attitude. They do not do it on purpose but it’s always good to see them like that. More

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    15 sad animals that you will want to adopt!

    You will literally fall in love with these dogs and cats! They make sad heads and it makes them even more adorable. You will want to take them and cuddle them. Tell us which of these animals gives you the most desire to cuddle or kiss. After seeing them you will surely want to adopt […] More

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    11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Falling Asleep

    We can not spend all day with each other: there is work, children, activities and friends. But the moment before going to bed is sacred. An hour or a few minutes, whatever, if you’re alone with your boyfriend, spend that time enjoying his company, talking to him or expressing your love. What better way to […] More

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    15 photos showing that love still exists

    There is a lot of bad news right now around the world. To cheer up a little, Buzztemple has found 15 photos that prove that love still exists. Photos that will surely cheer you up and make you see the world in another way. More

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    Why a man can leave the woman he loves

    The life of a couple is super complicated and sometimes a man can leave a woman he loves. Why leave her when we are in love with her? Here are 6 reasons that can push a man to leave his girlfriend. 1. Want to change When it’s been a long time since we are in […] More

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    A special moment between a Raccoon and a Woman

    This is a very special moment between a racoon and a woman. Here is what the woman from Toronto said when she sent the video : “My name is Stefani and I work at the Old Mill Toronto. I work as a hotel guest service agent. My work is located right along the Humber River, […] More

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    How to make sure your boyfriend is in love with you

    In love, he has several signs that do not deceive to be sure that your boyfriend is in love with you. Here are 7 signs to make sure he is in love with you : 1. He makes sacrifices He will give up things you don’t like and he will know about without telling him. […] More

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    You will fall in love at the first glance of these three Romanian sisters

    Denise, Daniela and Diana are three sisters from Romania who ignite social networks at the moment and we understand why when we look at their photos! These girls are simply beautiful, there is not one more beautiful than the other it is really very difficult to decide between plastic beauty issue. Guys who will have […] More

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    These photos were taken at the right place at the right time!

    In the era of new technologies, each of us can take pictures and immortalize incredible things, especially when we are in the right place at the right time. This is the case of the protagonists of this article who were able to capture, for example, the appearance of a rainbow that strangely resembles the nearby […] More

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