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    18 designers who had great ideas

    We often make fun of designers who have bad ideas but some have really good and this is the case of these 18 really nice pictures. Whether it’s a high-tech drawer or ideas for space in a room, these ideas are worth a look. I’ll let you discover them and tell us which one you […] More

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    15 inventions that will change your life

    Some people are really geniuses. They come to think of everyday objects that can change our lives. Sometimes we say “it was really simple!” But you had to think about it. A backpack with signalitic for the bikes, an alarm clock that goes off when you walk on it, all this had to think about […] More

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    16 designers who made fantastic objects for our everyday life

    The majority of design examples today surprise us with their incredible appearance. However, they often lack functionality and efficiency. Looking at them, one might wonder what their creators think. Fortunately, the designs in this article are simple and well thought out. An USB key that shows you how much space you have left on it […] More

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    These clothes that will age you by 10 years

    Fashion changes all the time and is very capricious. Every woman wants to look younger than she is and to wear clothes that embellish her, it’s a fact. Some clothes can get old and we will try to see which ones. Do not be fooled by the phrases “timeless classic”, “synonymous with elegance” and comparisons […] More

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    20 small tattoo ideas that you will love

    Making the decision to get a tattoo is not always easy because you do not often know what to do. You absolutly want one so it’s time to take your decision. Maybe we can help you out with that. BuzzTemple has found 20 ideas for small tattoos, one of which you will surely love. More

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    14 great ideas to optimize your interior

    Here is a collection of ideas on how to bring out your home of traditional designs. This will inspire you to make some changes and transform your home into an unusual place. And if it’s small, this article will show you some tips on how to make the most of your space. If you like […] More

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    20 Ferrari parked in the same street

    I do not know where these people went but at least all his friends have a Ferrari. This is the show we saw the inhabitants of a London street. 20 Ferrari parked in the same place for you to make your choice! More

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    The Alldocube X tablet is perfect for movie lovers

    To appreciate the quality of images of a good film, the Alldocube tablet largely contributes to offer excellent quality. Its release was made last year, but this tablet from the company Alldocube remains remarkable for its Super Amoled screen, identical to that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung’s flagship tablet. What is the price […] More

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    A second person ever cured from AIDS in London

    It’s a really big news in the medical world especially for people having the HIV. Doctors say a British man who previously tested positive for HIV might be the second person ever to be cured of the AIDS virus. The new case report comes more than 10 years after the first case, known as the […] More

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